Commissioned by DesignSpark, which turned 10 in July 2020, I proposed the concept of Radioglobe to celebrate their landmark birthday. Devised in a 2x2m shed, during 2020 Covid Lockdown, on a shoestring budget, with only Zoom calls to communicate, RadioGlobe allows the user to explore thousands of the world’s radio stations by spinning a globe.

It kind of went viral on Reddit, TikTok and other social media platforms, got the attention of Gizmodo and Interesting Engineering, and won a few awards including The Drum Roses Awards’ Innovative Use of Technology, the Elektra Award,¬†one of the 13 finalists of FastCompany’s World Changing Ideas Awards 2021, one of the 6 finalist in a Shortys Award, among others.

Full List of Awards:

The Drum Roses Awards’ Innovative Use of Technology
Elektra – Best Campaign (in EU/UK Electronics Industry)
Core77 – Speculative Design Award – Notable
Instructables – Best Open-Source Guide, in Maps Contest

FastCompany -World Changing Ideas Awards 2021: Experimental Finalist
Shortys – Best Micro Influencer Strategy Finalist
The Drum Awards’ Grand Prix


The tactile quality of the RadioGlobe enables users to instantly drop in on news, talk shows and music from anywhere on the planet, without needing a Screen or App. Using online technology whilst maintaining a tangible element in the experience, is a timely and powerful gesture to stay connected as the sense of isolation closed in during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK.

From a corporate marketing perspective, RadioGlobe represents a modern, potent and memorable blend of Influencer Marketing, Seeding to Blogs, Open Source propositions to enrich known markets, but also to validate emergent markets that will become the companies of the future, all within the context of an industry (electronic component distribution) in which any modest attempt in Influencer Marketing is far from typical.