Proxxon Drill

If you have a Dremel and use it a few times a year, that is fine, but this is the pro-version – but remarkably for not much extra. Proxxon is a German company and you know that that means instead

Saws Hack vs Razor

Hack Saws vs Razor Saws

Sanding and Finishing

Sanding and Finishing pic

Craft Knife (Handle & Blades)

Craft knife

HANDLE: Much easier to change blades than a scalpel. Blades are thicker as a rule, so suitable for more robust cutting, even if less suitable for very fine detailed work. The ‘X-Acto No. 1’ or ‘light’ type is a personal

Razor Saw

Razor saw

Sure, you might have a Junior Hack-Saw, but this is a well-kept secret in workshops. Where as a Hack-saw has a thin blade that can twist, the Zona Saw has a wider blade and remains ‘straight’ even though it is

ABS Sheet Plastic

ABS Sheet

Can perhaps find it cheaper (offcuts are sometimes on ebay). Very useful and well worth the money for a higher quality prototype.



HANDLES: I personally use the No. 3 Handle, as it’s a good all-rounder. It fits a good variety of blades for most modelling jobs. Occasionally a No. 4 (larger handle is useful, but for starters – go for the No.