BBC Two: Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve

Hosted by Simon Reeve, Big Life Fix sees a collective of builders, designers, engineers and computer geeks aim to use science to change the lives of British people who have problems that are either too specific, bespoke, or too expensive


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It’s not often you get to see UX Designers from Google, BBC’s Mad Scientists, Game Developers, Arduino Hackers and more, all under one roof for a night of geekery – fuelled on gourmet coffee good enough for Harvey Keitel. Not

Ross Atkin

Ross Atkin

TThere was a time before I met Ross: It was less argumentative, perhaps, but less awesome. Nor was it furnished with a deeper understanding of the real point of Twitter, using Arduino, UI/UX stuff and the true potential or Post-It



I’ve known Jimmy Hutchinson for a while, sharing amongst other things, a few years in Newcastle together, an enjoyment of weird music and strange films (how strange? well, like Dead Man strange, for example). When not kindly producing wonderfully rich

Sky Barstow


“If you’re looking for jelly / I can transform your smelly / underpants into gold…” Robin ‘Sky’ Barstow is the man behind the bleeps and bloops of the intro and outro music – made especially for Design Modelling. A testament

Featured in the Dawesome Digest!

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I met Brendan at IDEO’s Make-A-Thon. I was impressed he didn’t run a mile when I explained that I had a collection of kitchen knives and spent a lot of time pondering the best ergonomics of each, since I worked

Travis Baldwin


NASA’s Space Architecture (from Cardboard)     It’s often said that designing something unfamiliar to you brings out great insights: On 26th September 2012, at Dyson, UK, Travis Baldwin shared an incredible journey of the technicalities of Space Architecture, but

Sugru Founder: Jane ni Dhulchaointigh


At Dyson’s Hacknight, (Double-bill with Brendan Dawes) Imagine if you could have all of the great properties of silicone (heat resistance, durability, waterproofness, stick to anything) but with the malleability/workability of Plasticine – well, this is where Sugru comes in.