Sugru Founder: Jane ni Dhulchaointigh

At Dyson’s Hacknight, (Double-bill with Brendan Dawes)


Imagine if you could have all of the great properties of silicone (heat resistance, durability, waterproofness, stick to anything) but with the malleability/workability of Plasticine – well, this is where Sugru comes in.


The only thing more awesome than Sugru, is the story of how it came to be (or rather almost didn’t)… So not wanting to miss this opportunity to share Jane’s entrepreneurial story, I put on a ‘Hack-Night’ at Dyson, with Brendan Dawes, on 25th July 2012. It was packed – and we got free Sugru to keep us quiet.


It’s one of those materials that you might not know what to do with – yet – but after a while, your creativity kicks in and it’s like you get ‘Sugru-Vision’ and you’re modifying all sorts of things – and your world is all the better for it.


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