Proxxon Drill


If you have a Dremel and use it a few times a year, that is fine, but this is the pro-version – but remarkably for not much extra. Proxxon is a German company and you know that that means instead of Dremel’s plasticy case and cheap bearings, you get die-cast housing and ball-bearings. In short – a thing of beauty and quality. What you DON’T get is all those hundreds of bits you will never need – instead Proxxon used that money to develop a really solid product and gave you a few of the really useful things and a nice case for what it’s worth.

The run-out on the drill is so small that you can drill a 0.5mm hold in a PCB by hand – without the bit snapping. Amazing. You’d think it was surgical – and it nearly is – in that they also make dentistry equipment.

I’m honestly not on commission (though I wish I was) but they really are a joy to use – and really quiet. You will not regret it. Check other reviews, they all agree.

Where to buy (Note .com and :

I also got a Stand and a Flexi-Shaft soon afterwards. Really great value again.