Raspberry Pi Case

Cardboard Modelling is beginner’s tutorial to get familiar with the basic techniques in creating a 3D Model. It also gives a few ‘pro tips’ on how to create ‘Light Pipes’ and explains how to experiment with form/function.



Solder Buddy

Solder Buddy is a great example of how to make a more robust prototype. An intermediate tutorial, perfect for anyone wanting to get familiar with how to integrate simple electronics into a ‘proof of concept’ model, before more complex processes like CAD/3D Printing.



Argo Mouse

An advanced tutorial, getting into discussions about defining an organic shape, split-lines, injection moulding and of course ergonomics. The work is effectively in two parts, firstly how to hack a pre-existing PCB to your needs, secondly how to work with styrofoam and surface finishing techniques – creating a fully functioning wireless mouse, with a bespoke design.