New Projects

I hope you enjoyed the first Raspberry Pi Case tutorial of how you can use card modelling to work through your ideas quickly and cheaply – before moving onto more complex/costly materials…

…I hope to progress with this in future videos, ranging from modelling for industrial design to architecture. It’ll be interesting to see what you like and what you don’t, but I enjoy a challenge – so I’d really like to hear from you:

- What do you think of Design Modelling so far?

- What projects would you like to see me do / have help on doing yourself?

- And of course, if you have anything you want to contribute, please get in touch at

Thanks a lot,


PS – I thought I’d leave you with some images of my ‘design process’ for my Xmas Party Outfit at work!

(Aside from the card-skills, I really like that the eyes moved – with magnets – at was awesome!)