HowDo  is a fantastic Application that allows you to capture the key steps of a process you are working on or have created. It does this by allowing you to take a quick image and then record your voice afterwards over it – to explain what is going on. In many way’s it’s a mini-format of what I do on Design Modelling, but even more awesome…

…The awesomeness, from left to right is as follows:
Simon Trevethick, Alessandro Contini, Emma Rose Metcalfe, Nils Westerlund & Sofia Brändröm.

I mentioned previously this all started when I met Emma in London after a particularly hectic workshop at IDEO, London. We got talking about design, life, the meaning of cardboard, etc (it was in a pub) and to be honest I was not sure if her invite to Berlin would actually materialize. But it did, and in preparation Alessandro and I had a lot of fun thrashing-out ideas for the workshop. I think the images explains it better…

Few things have ever gone this smoothly for me with organising workshops (the tickest were booked in a day!) and it is testament to Emma’s organisation and commitment to creating a creative plastform which allowed me to work with the HowDo team to create something special for those who attended. I think we both learned a great deal about our own projects and gave insight and stimulus to each other’s work for the future.

Cardboard cogs a micro guide by Emma Rose Metcalfe on HowDo

Hope you enjoy one of Emma’s HowDo’s, she created late one night after the workshop. It’s actually better than what I would do!

So thanks again to all at HowDo for an incredible experience and for supporting creative projects like this. I’m sure this will not be the last you hear of us plotting and scheming!