Full-day design modelling workshop back by popular demand…

Following November’s Design Modelling workshop at Geeklates, London, a new full-day workshop has been created for design professionals and serious enthusiasts.

Beginning in card, the workshop will explore a range of modelling techniques and then progress into other materials such as foam and plastic. Essential skills to help you explore and demonstrate many conceptual processes.


Case studies and all materials will be provided on the day, but feel free to get in touch if you have anything you’d like to work on.

Click here for booking information. Workshop on 26/01/2013.

Below is a summary of the previous workshop:

Design Modelling at Geeklates, London went well – so well, in fact that it was a solid 4x 1 hours of modelling. Around 100 people took part. However, if you missed it, don’t worry – those lovely people at Geeklates and myself will be putting together a full day design session: working card – but also blue foam and plastic sheet.

This was the huge cardboard sign I made over a couple evenings, proving that the technique can be applied not just to tiny Raspberry Pi Cases.


I was impressed that even in a short space of time, people has mastered the basics and could create simple forms, that could be applied to more detailed project in future – be it personal or professional design challenges.