Card to CAD: Creating ‘Print-A-Filter’


Experiments in encapsulating objects mid-print. Much of the Design Modelling website currently revolves around using simple and cheap materials to create prototypes – often as a precursor to more expensive processes like 3D printing – and in time, manufacturing processes.

Brighton Mini Maker Faire:Aero-Wind-Tunnels, ‘Hot Glue’ Zine and a T-Rex!


After a warm reception exhibiting at first Mini Maker Faire at E&C London, I was keen to follow-up with some Design Modelling workshops… luckily Brighton Mini Maker Faire was going to be the first Maker Faire to try running workshops

How Do & Design Modelling: The Berlin Magic Marble Run Workshop


The first International Design Modelling Workshop in Berlin, came as a result of meeting Emma Rose Metcalfe, a co-founder of the App How Do at IDEO’s Make-A-Thon and discussing how to create a workshop that blended some of their in-house

Capital One Earth Day Workshop

Capital One Cup

The latest Design Modelling workshop was at Capital One’s Earth Day, in Nottingham on the 17th April 2013. The focus was on making use of materials such as cardboard boxes, that might be thrown away. Even if they were to

Design Modelling Workshop: Prototype in Card/Foam/Plastic


There are loads of sketching classes out there, you can work in pencil, charcoal and all manner of media… Whether you want to create artistic pictures or great looking graphics – there is great tuition. However, there are few (if any)

Design Modelling at Geeklates – Dec 2012


Design Modelling at Geeklates, London went well – so well, in fact that it was a solid 4x 1 hours of modelling. Around 100 people took part. However, if you missed it, don’t worry – those lovely people at Geeklates