At the launch of the world’s first parametric CAD software, physical prototyping and CAD models work in conjuction – quite literally…


[19 Sept 2013] I’m reporting live from in Manchester, at the launch of the world’s first parametric CAD software – DesignSpark Mechanical by RS Components (UK) and Allied Electronics (US). They have gathered 4 teams of experts from multiple disciplines


What hasn’t been said already about the fantastic Sugru. Check out some of my Sugru creations, here. Available world-wide. Where to buy (Note .com and :

Dyson Ball Challenge 2012 – Winner of Most Ambitious Design Award

Not wanting to go for the simple (but in hindsight, very effective) direct-drive for a ball, we opted to create a ‘Mechanical Hamster’ and put it inside the transparent ball. This involved using two ‘omni wheels‘- one to power forwards