Electrical Power Hacking for Developing Countries


Practical Action is a charity working to increase people’s access to energy through low-cost ‘off-grid’ electricity supplies. DesignSpark bought together 15 engineers to explore news ways of delivering electricity and optimising the use of it. They called it Power Hack!   I was

To Infinity and Beyond!


Making a £10 Correx SpacePod. This is a picture of a Superman Figurine being ejected from a SpacePod in Space! The project was for Mattel Toys to put Superman up to the edge of space, similar to that done by

Modeller’s Delight: Under Desk Tool Drawer


Made from recycled kitchen cabinet runners, this draw for tools in not only slim, but can also be easily reconfigured, as it has interchangeable sections, to evolve with your modelling requirements. Aside from appealing to the obsessive-compulsive in many designers,

2 Articles Featured in Makezine!


Although some return visitors to this site may be familiar with the Ergo Mouse Project, this was not only on the front cover of Make: online, but also in the printed version of the Magazine, Issue 38 (March 2014). However,

Cardboard BoomBox with Bare Conductive’s new Touch Board


To celebrate the launch of my good friends at Bare Conductive’s new Touch Board launching on Kickstarter – I helped create a working BoomBox out of cardboard!     Firstly, this was a great way to show how a 2D sketch could

Podcast on Engineer Vs Designer


Interviewed by Josh and Adam from Engineer Vs Designer. As you might expect this is exactly the kind of place I enjoy being – between the brutal engineering reality and the fluffy designerly dreaming… Check out previous episodes which range



HowDo  is a fantastic Application that allows you to capture the key steps of a process you are working on or have created. It does this by allowing you to take a quick image and then record your voice afterwards

Design Modelling Podcast


Featured on Looking Sideways Podcast, created by Andrew Sleigh. It was a lot of fun and the interview covers a whole range of topics about stuff you may have seen on my website and workshops – but also goes into

Design Modelling Workshop – Video


Featured by Sugru – “Meet the Sugru Fixers”. Filmed on 26th Jan 2013, in London. To find out more about this Workshop, click here.    



This was my second Make-A-Thon in IDEO, London. This is a great opportunity to explore new concepts and try out new technologies. Always with an eclectic bunch and never a dull moment. “Team Zen” were assigned the brief to explore