Brass Inserts

  Brass Inserts allow the screw/bolt to be repeatedly screwed in/out with little risk of the thread giving up (stripping). As shown on the Solder Buddy videos – these can be used to create professional enclosures/clam-shell/cases for your products/test rigs.


So far this is the best supplier (in the UK) I’ve found. The sheets are pretty good and work out around £1/sheet. Look elsewhere if you like, but the key thing is to get ‘mono’/single ‘flute’ cardboard – i.e. just

Wet & Dry (Sanding) Paper

Wet & Dry Paper 720x540

Use ‘dry’ for rough sanding or for things that you don’t want to swell (e.g. wood, etc.). Otherwise try to use ‘wet’ (with water) – as this reduced friction and also creates a ‘slurry’ from the particles you have sanded



If you can’t ask for some from a building site (they have loads ofscraps), this is about the cheapest I’ve seen it.

ABS Sheet Plastic

ABS Sheet

Can perhaps find it cheaper (offcuts are sometimes on ebay). Very useful and well worth the money for a higher quality prototype.