Cardboard BoomBox with Bare Conductive’s new Touch Board

To celebrate the launch of my good friends at Bare Conductive’s new Touch Board launching on Kickstarter – I helped create a working BoomBox out of cardboard!



Firstly, this was a great way to show how a 2D sketch could be made into a 3D form quickly and simply – as shown in my guide on Instructables.
Secondly, as if the model was not cool enough – the Bare Conductive Paint allows you to draw any graphics you like – and link them back to the Touch Board they created – which can then trigger all sorts of magic, from playing beats (via the TWSU Surface-Mount Speakers) to proximity sensors or to controlling all manner of electronic devices – the possibilities are endless.

Check out there video and pop over to get on on Kickstarter before they are all gone!