Card Rabbet Tool: Make Great Models Even Faster!

Quick Links: CAD Files & Instructions

If you are familiar with Design Modelling, you will have seeing various techniques that allow you to work with cardboard such as these:

You’ll have even seen how this has enabled awesome prototypes, in professional projects such as NASA Back-Packs and Dyson Vacuum Cleaners – and just-for-fun projects such as Motorised Marble-Runs!

All of these have either used the methods shown on this website, or will benefit from the construction technique (creating a Rabbet/Rebate Joint in card), both in terms of strength and aesthetic finish.

Having taught quite a few workshops, I have been aware that the ‘filleting’ technique of removing the corrugated card is one that takes some time to master, so I set about creating a tool which would make this easier – The Card Rabbet Tool was born! Check out the video here:

If you would like to Download the files, you can do so by clicking on the image below.


I’ve modelled it in SolidWorks, so have included the .sldprt file (for editing) as well as the .stl files for direct printing. The .sldprt file contains both parts in the one file… I am aware that this is ‘Cowboy-CAD’, but firstly, this is not production CAD for tooling, so my aim was to quickly explore and validate the concept, so it did not need to be perfectly constrained for injection moulding, etc… and secondly, I think it’s easier for beginners to work with (and if you are pro, then you’ll cope!). However, if you are really into learning more CAD Skills, check out the fantastic CAD Junkie website.

The assembly instructions are on Instructables, but as a head-up, here are the things you’ll need.