Capital One Earth Day Workshop

Capital One Workshop

The latest Design Modelling workshop was at Capital One’s Earth Day, in Nottingham on the 17th April 2013. The focus was on making use of materials such as cardboard boxes, that might be thrown away. Even if they were to be recycled – could they be reused beforehand for something fun or useful?

The challenge for the workers of Capital One was to get stuck into some serious card modelling techniques, attempting a Desk Tidy or anything else to complement their workplace.

The challenge for me was a random request from the staff to make something unexpected out of cardboard. They tasked me with making a model of their famous trophy.

(Thanks to Louise Wilson for taking the above photos – first, second and fourth from left)

The day was a furious mix of cutting, techniques and glue-gunning. When not showing people techniques featured on Design Modelling and helping them realise their cardboard dreams, I was furiously working on creating the eco-trophy.

Here are the results (on flickr). Hope you like them. Please post any of your ideas or creations on the Design Modelling Facebook site in celebration of Earth Day!

If you would like a Design Modelling workshop in cardboard or any material – please get in touch. All challenges welcome…