Cutting Foam

Servo Modification

How Do & Design Modelling: The Berlin Magic Marble Run Workshop


The first International Design Modelling Workshop in Berlin, came as a result of meeting Emma Rose Metcalfe, a co-founder of the App How Do at IDEO’s Make-A-Thon and discussing how to create a workshop that blended some of their in-house

Design Modelling Podcast


Featured on Looking Sideways Podcast, created by Andrew Sleigh. It was a lot of fun and the interview covers a whole range of topics about stuff you may have seen on my website and workshops – but also goes into

Plastic – Assembly techniques

Plastic – Laying out a design effectively

Plastic – Creating repeat references

Plastic – Creating a Bend (with heat and by folding)

Plastic – Score and Snap


What hasn’t been said already about the fantastic Sugru. Check out some of my Sugru creations, here. Available world-wide. Where to buy (Note .com and :

Brass Inserts

  Brass Inserts allow the screw/bolt to be repeatedly screwed in/out with little risk of the thread giving up (stripping). As shown on the Solder Buddy videos – these can be used to create professional enclosures/clam-shell/cases for your products/test rigs.

Dremel VersaTip / Soldering Iron & Hear Gun

Dremel VersaTip / Soldering Iron & Hear Gun I got this as it was only a little more expensive than a gas-powered/cordless heat-shrink gun. It does this job very nicely – but is also a gas-powered soldering iron and a

Heat Gun

Very useful for: – Un-sticking glue-gun joints. – Bending plastic into shapes. Not that expensive and often will get used for a whole other range of DIY activities. A good investment for sure. It will also prevent you breaking you/your

Proxxon Drill

If you have a Dremel and use it a few times a year, that is fine, but this is the pro-version – but remarkably for not much extra. Proxxon is a German company and you know that that means instead

Capital One Earth Day Workshop

Capital One Cup

The latest Design Modelling workshop was at Capital One’s Earth Day, in Nottingham on the 17th April 2013. The focus was on making use of materials such as cardboard boxes, that might be thrown away. Even if they were to

Dyson Ball Challenge 2012 – Winner of Most Ambitious Design Award

Not wanting to go for the simple (but in hindsight, very effective) direct-drive for a ball, we opted to create a ‘Mechanical Hamster’ and put it inside the transparent ball. This involved using two ‘omni wheels‘- one to power forwards

Design Modelling Workshop – Video


Featured by Sugru – “Meet the Sugru Fixers”. Filmed on 26th Jan 2013, in London. To find out more about this Workshop, click here.    

Craft Knife – Handle

Much easier to change blades than a scalpel. Blades are thicker as a rule, so suitable for more robust cutting, even if less suitable for very fine detailed work. The … or ‘light’ type is a personal favourite and I’ve



This was my second Make-A-Thon in IDEO, London. This is a great opportunity to explore new concepts and try out new technologies. Always with an eclectic bunch and never a dull moment. “Team Zen” were assigned the brief to explore

Design Modelling Workshop: Prototype in Card/Foam/Plastic


There are loads of sketching classes out there, you can work in pencil, charcoal and all manner of media… Whether you want to create artistic pictures or great looking graphics – there is great tuition. However, there are few (if any)