BBC Big Life Fix

In 2015, I commenced a TV documentary project that creates design solutions for people in need. Little did I know it would become a journey spanning across 4 years.

It is exciting to work with a team of inventors from diverse backgrounds. Around half of them I had already worked with through employment or special projects, and the others I got to know through this journey. It has been extremely rewarding to come together as a team.

I found it fascinating to get to understand the documentary-making process. As someone who has always been intrigued by people and their stories, I have learned a great deal from watching these master storytellers weaving all the emotional and challenging moments of our co-design journey into a compelling tale.

Most of all, it has been a tremendous honour to have met a group of extraordinary individuals who take the raw deals life has given them and truly live life to the fullest. Through working with them, I felt re-affirmed that it is worth choosing design as my career and then exploring all sorts of unusual arenas (that is, unusual even for a design engineer which is a ‘weird, but wonderful’ job in the first place!).



Royal Television Society Programme Awards 2018 – Best Formatted Popular Factual Award (Nominated)

“Nothing short of incredible.” What’s On TV

“What a fantastic idea…moving stuff.” The Guardian

“It’s mindboggling watching the problems being solved…sometimes the solution is so momentous it leaves you as overwhelmed as the recipient.” Radio Times

“A testament to human ingenuity…in each case, the boffins work wonders.” The Times

“A rare example of TV making itself useful.” The Telegraph

Design Details (more to follow…):

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