BBC Big Life Fix

***** A brand new programme Big Life Fix Children in Need Special 2017 will go live on 8 Nov 2017 9pm UK Time on BBC TWO. Proud to be supporting Children in Need working alongside a fantastic team! *****

Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve (2016)

Hosted by Simon Reeve, Big Life Fix sees a collective of builders, designers, engineers and computer geeks aim to use science to change the lives of British people who have problems that are either too specific, bespoke, or too expensive to be fixed by mainstream solutions.

Travelling the breadth of the UK, Reeve and the Big Life Fixers team will marry technology with need and solve life dilemmas ranging from health-related issues to problems with socio-economic impacts. There’s an eleven-year old boy born without hands and feet who is desperate to find a way to ride a bike; inhabitants of a remote village with little means of communication due to no mobile signal and little landline capabilities; and a farmer struggling to defend his livelihood from sheep rustling.

Big Life Fix starts on Wednesday 7th December 2016 BBC TWO at 9pm